Redline Jiu-Jitsu Instructors Camp 2017

At Redline, we pride ourselves in our teaching abilities. To be able to teach anyone in a fun, cooperative, and safe environment takes care. So, that’s why it is very important to us that each person who walks in the door at Redline gets greeted by all of us without judgement & welcomed with open arms.

To ensure every student gets the instruction & guidance they need, each of our instructors are held to very high standards, and must live, learn, and follow certain guidelines that help with this process.

On May 5th & 6th, Redline’s owners, head instructors, & assistant instructors gathered together to discuss & learn teaching formulas & methodologies set in place for each level of instructors.

They also learned how to live the Redline philosophies & guidelines passed down from many generations that have helped us create one of the most helpful learning environments like “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz

At Redline, we understand that every student is different, and everyone learns at their own pace, so when you step onto the mat at Redline, you become equal & there is always someone there to help you along your way.

As each person progresses, they are also learning how to become a teacher creating a very cooperative, fun, safe, & helpful environment where everyone feels welcome without feeling pressured.

“We are here to empower the weak against the strong, the child against the bully, and the woman against the violent men. We are, the Redline.” – Ty Gay

We don’t have any expectations of our students, and because we hold ourselves at a very high standard, we know that there is no such thing as a bad student, only bad teachers.

So, if the student isn’t progressing or having a good time, then we are not doing our job. That’s why we encourage our students to always ask questions & give us feedback.

“We celebrate the day a student begins their journey in our art because we are celebrating the potential of a better life,” says Redline’s owner & Gracie Black Belt, Ty Gay.

If you are unsure about starting your journey in Jiu-jitsu, don’t be. Get to the mat, and we will be there to guide you every step of the way.




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