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Redline’s 2017 Summer Belt Ceremony

Redline is unlike any other Jiu-jitsu school around. We don’t pressure our students to train. We let them come & go as they please. We accept that everyone is on their own separate path. Redline is a praised based school & we believe in setting the example. Our instructors are professionally trained, and punishment of any kind is unacceptable. That’s… Read more →


With the popularity of Martial Arts on the rise, many company’s are jumping on board, but not all gi’s are created equal. When it comes to customer satisfaction & quality products with great prices, Elite Sports is raising the bar. The leaders of Elite Sports aren’t just a company who makes gi’s, they are experienced practitioners in MMA, so they… Read more →

Redline Jiu-Jitsu Instructors Camp 2017

At Redline, we pride ourselves in our teaching abilities. To be able to teach anyone in a fun, cooperative, and safe environment takes care. So, that’s why it is very important to us that each person who walks in the door at Redline gets greeted by all of us without judgement & welcomed with open arms. To ensure every student gets the instruction… Read more →

She-Jitsu Camp For HER.

She-Jitsu Camp For HER will be at the Redline Jiu-Jistu Academy for a 3 Day Event for women and girls ages 13 & up. This camp is designed for all levels of fitness & first time students are welcome. Although no self-defense course is ever a full guarantee of safety, this course is designed to help women learn how to neutralize… Read more →

Are Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments right for you?

The self-defense strengths of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu get a fair amount of air time with practitioners, and with good reason–it’s one of the best martial arts for street self defense. (Articles discussing this abound on the Internet, but here’s a good list the Huffington Post published a couple of years ago, and another one, compiled by Dr. Jerry Beasley, both… Read more →

Jiu Jitsu for Kids: How the Gentle Art Can Help Banish Bullying

The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world.– Lao Tzu No one wants their child to be a victim. There’s anecdotal evidence in abundance to prove the benefits of martial arts for kids. (Through informal studies like this one that showed marked improvements in a control group of autistic children, not only in physical strength… Read more →

Martial Arts in the Modern Age

Practical aspects of self-defense aside, the question of why anyone in the 21st century would want–or need–to study a martial art might come up occasionally. We all lead busy lives, and like anything else, our recreational activities need to get put under the microscope occasionally, to see if they merit the time and financial expense they take. We all want… Read more →

Keep Your White Belt

“A good man is always a beginner.” ~Marcus Aurelius For the jiu jitsu practitioner (or a student of any martial art), the journey towards your first belt promotion takes up a lot of focus. The affirmation of advancement in skill is important, as is the psychological reward of practice and study. But the tradition of keeping previous belts as one… Read more →