Welcome To Redline Jiu-Jitsu

A Jiu-Jitsu Training Center In Edmond, Oklahoma.

Learn About The Gracie Art


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Everyone gets 10 Free days and no experience is needed to start!

We have a rotating curriculum, so you can start anytime! It’s a great place for families to share common interest & grow from the never ending benefits of jiu-jitsu! Ages 4-104, Athletic or not, you can do jiu-jitsu & we will guide you safely each step of the way!

If you aren’t sure about group classes, we have private lessons available for kids & adults including Yoga!



What We Teach:

Kids Ages 4 & up: In our kid’s class we build confidence & character by incorporating character development & educationing them on bullies, and preparing them for different bullying situations they could face. After that, each kid moves on to the advanced classes.

Our kid’s classes have 3 stages:

1. Ages 4-7 WEDNESDAY 4:45-5:30PM & SATURDAY 10:30AM-11:15

2. Ages 7-12 MONDAY & WEDNESDAY 5:30PM-6:30PM

3. Advanced Kids (Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30PM) 

Basics & Fundamental Class is the official beginner program of Redline. In this program, students learn the most important self defense techniques in a fun, safe, & cooperative training environment. Basics & Fundamentals is the roots to your jiu-jitsu tree & we recommend any level participating in this class! We have a rotating schedule, so you can start anytime. No experience is needed to start & grappling is always optional. 

MONDAY: 6:30AM, 6:30PM

TUESDAY: 11:30AM, 6:30PM



Blue Belt to Black Belt Core Principles is beyond blue belt, Jiu Jitsu consist of hundreds of advanced techniques, which we have broken into chapters:

Mount: Controls, Escapes, Submissions, Submission counters. 

Side Control: Controls, Escapes, Submissions, Submission counters.

Guard: Controls, Sweeps/Passes, Submissions, Submission Counters. 

Half Guard: Guard Bottom, Guard Top.

Back Mount:

Leg Locks: Controls, Submissions, Submission Counters.

MONDAY: 7:30PM-9


THURSDAY: 11:30AM-1, 7:30PM-9


Yoga is an ancient science of health for the physical body & balance for the mind and emotions. Our yoga classes are perfect for beginners. Your first class is only $5. After that, $12 for drop in or 5 classes for $40.